Introduction To Mantrailing Workshop

Our Introduction to Mantrailing Workshops are for beginners new to the techniques and will help you to:

  • Discover the differences between human and canine sense of smell.
  • Understand how your dog benefits from using their brain to process scent.
  • Motivate your dog to work with you.
  • Teach your dog to take scent from a scent article.
  • Participate in short trails, exercises with your dog.
  • Understand and respond to your dog’s body language when working scent.
  • No previous training needed.
  • Any,age,breed and temperament.

These workshops are for dogs and their owners who are new to the world of mantrailing. They run for three hours, with an introduction to the theory of mantrailing and line skills at the beginning of the session and an opportunity to put some of the basic principles into practice.

A certificate is then awarded for completion of the Introduction, which allows you to further your progression training.

Interested in giving your dog the chance to use its nose to great effect and become a dog handling team ?