Welcome to the wonderful world of Scent Detection, Mantrailing,Tracking, Obedience and Dog Sports.

Hello and welcome to our blog. We are Rosie and Ken of Askan-K9 training. Below is a little introduction to who we are.

Rosie has always had dogs of different breeds and has always taken the rescue that needed her the most from rescue centres around the country, Rosie by giving these dogs a safe and forever home has gained valuable experience throughout her life and now uses her knowledge to benefit other dogs and their owners. Further more Rosie has gained qualifications as a instructor for UK Snifferdogs to the highest level, Completed training with I.M.D.T – Institute Modern Dog Training, and gained a Diploma for Dog Trainers with the Center of Excellence. Currently she is also studying towards the Advanced Diploma in Applied Animal Behavior.

I was brought up with German shepherds throughout my entire life and during this time I started to show at breed classes gaining entry’s to Crufts. I then created the Birmingham Schutzhund club which is Protection-tracking and obedience based sport, attracting some of the best trainers who helped me to where I am now. I am a qualified Canine Hydrotherapist of over 8 years. Qualified Mantrailing Instructor and UK Snifferdog Instructor, Diploma for dog trainers with the Center of Excellence and have my own Tracking workshops.

The German shepherd in the picture is where it all started for me, his name is Askan and he inspired me to learn as much as I could. We competed mainly in Germany gaining up to the highest level in the Schutzhund world.

Our mission is to help you improve your dogs life through nose work, team sports and everything in-between by applying our vast knowledge and experiences we can help enhance the incredible natural skills that EVERY dog possesses whilst using only positive and friendly dog training methods.

We hope you all enjoy the contents of our blogs and that you find both interesting and helpful information throughout, We welcome feedback so please leave a comment or contact us direct.

Do you want to enrich your dogs life whilst harnessing their superpower, their nose?