Work with your dog to help them understand the difference between acceptable behaviour and the naughty traits they need to stop.

Work with the skilled instructors at Askan-K9 Training.

General Obedience training made fun

looking for some general training with your dog? Got something in particular you want to work on such as loose lead walking? or looking to work towards earning rosettes and certificates?

With general obedience training at Askan-K9 Training can work with you to acheive your goals.

By working on foundation behaviours and building trust and a strong bond, we can get you back on the right path and help you to achieve your goals.

Along side the general obedience training, we also offer the IMDT partnership grading system with weekly classes where you can work towards earning rosettes and certificates.

Simply tell us what issues you’re experiencing, and we’ll recommend the right way forward.

loose lead walking

One of the main issues we see time and time again is dogs pulling. The only long-term and reliable method of stopping a dog from pulling on the leash is through training loose lead walking.

With the use of positive reinforcement and consistency and dog and handler can learn how to walk with a loose lead.


correct socialisation

We work with many dogs who are labeled reactive or over freindly. There can be a number of reasons that cause this with a big one being in-correctly socialised.

Socialisation for dogs is habituation and all about a dog learning to be happy and confident around every day situation. all our classes include correct socialisation which helps to build confidence and be less reactive around other dogs and people.


We run general obedience training where you can join us for 6 sessions and work on different areas of training.

We also run the IMDT partnership grade where you have a set criteria to achieve across 6 different levels.

During heel walking, the leash is never tight and sometimes the dog doesn’t wear a leash at all. Off-leash heel walking can be very useful in situations where you need your hands free or when you have more than one dog at heel.

The Training Process

Each dog is an individual and we always train the dog in front of us.

Training is always to be fun as the more your dog and you enjoy it, the better results you will see