Is your dog’s nose always flat to the ground? They could have a skill just waiting to be unleashed!

Start sniffer dog training with Askan-K9 Training in Alfreton!

The Power Of the Nose

Sniffer dog training is something pets and their owners can benefit from in a number of ways. Our sniffer dog training helps your dog establish scent work skills that could aid their overall behaviour. It has also being known to help issues with reactive dogs, those with a nervous temperament, overly excitable dogs and other challenging behaviour issues.

This training suits all dogs, and because it’s low impact, it is also perfect for puppies, elderly dogs and dogs that may have an illness or who have suffered an injury.

Above all, scent work is very rewarding, and our sessions can act as the setting for some great bonding time between you and your dog. By working with Askan-K9 Training, you could benefit from a skill that could have such as positive effect on your best friend. As a dog owner, there truly is nothing more satisfying than seeing your dog blossom further.

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Why Scent work, sniffing & Searching?

Scent work is like mindfulness to our dogs, and they love it! Your dog’s main sense is smell – they see the world though their noses like we do our eyes.​

The olfactory bulb, situated at the front of the brain and responsible for processing different scents, is 40 times larger in dogs than humans. Dogs also have up to 300 million scent receptors in their nose as opposed to our 6 million.

They can detect half a teaspoon of sugar in an Olympic size swimming pool – wow! By using sniffer dog training, you’re allowing your dog to utilise these traits, which has been proved to help them release happy hormones that promote optimism in tricky situations.

Doing so is also extremely stimulating and tiring, encouraging calm after the sessions by giving your dog the workout they need! If you want to put your dog’s nose to use with a game you can both enjoy, get in touch with us.

Stimulation For THe Mind & Body

When resting our dogs’ respiration rate is about 15 RPM. Take that dog for a walk on a lead and it will increase to around 30 RPM. Let them off the lead for a run and the rate generally doubles to 60 RPM.

However, when you go on a search or allow your dog to do some sniffing work, you could see an increase of between 140-200 RPM!

This just shows how hard the body will work when using the power of the nose, which can be extremely beneficial to the health of any dog.

Bronze Level Workshop

This course consists of:

  • 3 x 2-hour programs over a period of 3 weeks at our sniffer dog venue in Alfreton (no more than 6 teams per class). If preferred, you may have a private 1-2-1 session over the same duration.
  • 1 x handler
  • 1 x dog (team)

Cost: £90


Silver & Gold

Once you and your pet have completed the bronze level workshop, you can further your training by joining us in the silver and gold workshops.

Silver course costs £110, with a £50 deposit required at time of booking.

Gold course cost £130, with a £50 deposit required at time of booking.