Perfect Puppy Training Classes In Alfreton

Start working with your new family member – join our perfect puppy training class.

The talented team at Askan-K9 Training have designed a workshop that covers basic skills but, more importantly, in a fun and engaging way. Book now.

A Dog To Be Proud OF

Having a puppy is like having a newborn – tiring, a lot of hard work and many accidents along the way! But the joy they can bring is priceless.​

Our 6-week training course enables you to learn tools and techniques that encourage a happy and well-rounded pooch as they get older. By teaching basic commands and addressing any cheeky tendencies, you can lay the foundations for a grown dog that is respectful, obedient and a pleasure to be around.

Although these training sessions are somewhat structured, we focus on giving your little one lots of praise and reassurance that they’re doing well. To avoid missing out, simply book a session with us today.

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Getting It Right With Your Pup

All training is by positive reinforcement, and there will be homework which will help you on your way with puppy parenthood.

All puppies will receive a certification of completion after the 6th class.

Start on your journey with your new best friend with assistance from the accredited, highly skilled trainers at Askan-K9 Training.

What's covered In The Training?

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Recall
  • Handling (for the owner)
  • Correct socialisation
  • Manners
    And much more

Cost:  For  6 x 1hr sessions is £85 paid in advance to secure your placement.