A positive course that works as an advancement from basic scent work.

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Encouraging the Canine Instinct

Dog tracking training encourages the canine instinct to detect, recognise and follow a specific scent, whether of a person or something else.​

Our stimulating training allows dogs to get their brains and noses working by offering praise as they follow an odour and find the item or person we’re looking for. But this isn’t the only purpose of the training; it’s also a great way to work on obedience and any issues you’ve been having with your pet. Our trainers are there each step of the way to help make real progress with dogs of every age, breed and skill level.

The Wonderful World Of TRacking

The purpose of tracking is to improve your dog’s life through nose work. Applying our knowledge as highly trained dog trainers and scent instructors, we have developed a program that will enable owners to give their dogs a positive scent experience, not only teaching them to work and play with scent but using scent to rectify problems in dogs when it comes to behaviour.

What's covered during the introduction course?

  • Characteristics of scent
  • Track laying skills
  • Line handling skills
  • How a dog sees the track
  • Indication of evidence
  • Practical tracking exercise
  • Tracking
  • Building confidence in a tracking dog

Our Structured Course

Under the guidance of the UK Tracking dog association UKTDA

These courses work on a 6-block session program and are designed to get you and your dog into a tracking frame of mind, furthering your dog’s natural skills of following a scent trail. Each session can last between 60-90 mins, covering both theory and practical tracking activities.

Overview of the tracking assessment Levels and Awards

1. FOUNDATION LEVEL – Foundation Tracking Dog Award.
2. LEVEL ONE – Novice Tracking Dog.
3. LEVEL TWO – Intermediate Tracking Dog.
4. LEVEL THREE – Expert Tracking Dog.
5. LEVEL FOUR – Mixed Terrain Tracking Dog.
6. LEVEL FOUR – Wilderness Pursuit Tracking Dog.

Certificates are awarded at each Level from gaining qualification through the UKTDA assessment

Cost: £120.00 Per 6-week block